Mario Balotelli: A more disrespectful player around?

Mario Balotelli

Congratulations to Mario Balotelli on his being given the Tuttosport ‘Golden Boy’ award, an award given by the Italian newspaper to the best under-21 player in Europe – my congratulations being given in a somewhat sarcastic fashion to a player who seems to think he is a little bit better than he actually is.

Now Mario Balotelli is prodigiously gifted, hence why Roberto Mancini went out on such a limb to sign him for over £25 million in the summer from Internazionale. It’s why Joes Mourinho and Inter President Massimo Moratti put up with his numerous acts of petulance during his time with the reigning European Champions.

But his whole attitude and demeanour gives the sense of someone who thinks he is above it all. Monday’s non-performance against Everton (I didn’t realise he was on the pitch until he went off injured), to go with the numerous other non-performances he has given in a City shirt, seems to have done nothing to dampen his confidence as he demonstrated on picking up his ‘Golden Boy’ award.

Jack Wilshere

When asked his opinions on the player who came second in the poll, the talented Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere, Balotelli disrespectfully told journalists that he had no idea who Wilshere was.

“What’s his name? Wil … ? No, I don’t know him, but the next time I play against Arsenal I will keep a close eye on him,” said Balotelli.

“Perhaps I can show him the Golden Boy trophy and remind him that I won it.”

A disgusting show of arrogance from the player who also said that only Lionel Messi was better than him on a football pitch -“There’s only one that is a little stronger than me: Messi. All the others are behind me.”

Now, I’m sorry Mario, but whilst this season already the Argentine genius has bagged himself over 15 league goals, Cristiano Ronaldo has done likewise, and a number of other players across Europe are into double figures, you Sir have scored how many Premier League goals since your arrival at Eastlands?

Ahh, yes, just the two – Both scored in the victory away against West Bromwich Albion.

To put that into context, that is less than both Blackpool strikers DJ Campbell and Luke Varney. Heck, Emile Heskey has an identical record this season, from the same amount of games!!

So to be so arrogant and disregarding of a fellow professional, especially to one who is playing week in, week out aged 18 for a team competing at the top of the table and in the Champions League – Remind me, can I catch you on Channel Five competing in the Europa League this season? (Well, when you play anyway) – is pretty shameful.

Now to a player who wants to be the best in the world – with your lazy demeanour on the pitch, your inability to dominate a game, your seeming inappreciation of the work done by your team-mates around you, I just don’t see it (and have you ever scored when your side has really needed it or just the fourth in four goal demolitions of the likes of Siena) – surely now is the time to begin proving that you are as talented as you say.

Of the current footballing generation, at the age of 20 Lionel Messi was already universally acclaimed as one of the world’s best, Cristiano Ronaldo was beginning to score over 15 league goals a season and destroying defences on the World stage and Cesc Fabregas had already made over 150 appearances in an Arsenal shirt, running games from the central midfield area.

Your record, after that unsuccessful trial you had at Barcelona aged 15 – I assume they rated Bojan Krkic much more highly, and he’s scored more goals than you this season from less starts – is 33 goals and 14 assists in 95 appearances.

Pretty good but when you’re aiming to be great, not nearly good enough.

So I’ll leave it to Arsenal skipper Fabregas to admonish you, with the statement he left on Wilshere’s Twitter page:

“Don‘t worry, we know who u r and that‘s what matters most. U play week in week out and that‘s the most important trust me!”

Just in case you hadn’t noticed Mario, it’s a thinly-veiled nod towards your not being a first team regular at City yet, whereas he whose name you don’t know (again it’s Wilshere) is a regular at a side who demolished your team-mates 3-0 earlier this season, when you were injured – I’m sure you’d have won 4-3 had you been playing though.

Furthermore, following the lack of respect aimed at the Arsenal man, I think there may be a few tasty challenges flying Balotelli’s way when City visit the Emirates Stadium later in the season, although maybe the Italian international will find himself confined to the substitutes bench or injured once more that day – “Super Mario” (who decided on that nickname – major error) will probably get stick at many other grounds for his dreadful arrogance also.

So I suggest self-improvement is in order Mario, both on and off the football pitch.

Or you may find that in a few years time it’ll be people saying “Mario who?”

And the only reponse will be “The guy with the stupid hat.”


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