Liverpool’s Glen Johnson in scathing attack on Paul Merson

Glen Johnson, the Liverpool and England defender, has launched a scathing attack on Paul Merson, the former Arsenal favourite who is now a pundit on Sky Sports.

Glen Johnson - Liverpool & England

Merson, whilst discussing Roy Hodgson’s departure from Anfield, called into question the attitude and performances displayed by Johnson during the reign of the now former Liverpool manager.

And the attacking right-back, who trained with the rest of the squad at Melwood on Saturday ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup third-round tie at Old Trafford, which will see the return of Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool’s boss until the end of the season, was obviously watching the programme.

And Johnson chose to condemn Merson’s views on his Twitter page.

“Comments from alcoholic drug abusers are not really gonna upset me and who is Paul Merson to judge players, he was average at the best of times,” Johnson wrote.

“The only reason he’s on that show is coz he gambled all his money away. The clown!”

Now Glen, we aren’t going to question your attitude in regards to Hodgson this season. Nor are we going to say you shouldn’t have said this about Merson – if he’s questioning you, then why can’t you give a bit of verbal back after all.

But for an £18 million defender, you haven’t performed to the level expected of you this campaign, after being a bright spot in a poor final season under Rafa Benitez, and for all connected with Liverpool football club, that has been most disappointing.

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2 Responses to Liverpool’s Glen Johnson in scathing attack on Paul Merson

  1. Ashley says:

    In the ‘About AlexRichards10’ section, you need to change ‘Also tries to play a bit to!!’ – you’ve used the incorrect version of ‘too.’

    I like your article, and Glen Johnson’s dreadlocks…

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