Ryan Babel faces FA misconduct charge

Liverpool forward Ryan Babel has been charged by the FA with improper conduct.

The charge comes following comments and images posted by the Dutch international on his Twitter page in relation to referee Howard Webb, following Liverpool’s 1-0 FA Cup third round defeat by Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The image of Howard Webb

Babel, 24, posted an image of Howard Webb in a Manchester United shirt [right] before following it up with a later tweet that said: “And they call him one of the best referees. That’s a joke. SMH [shaking my head].”

Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish has already jumped to the defence of his player, citing the incident as “just a bit of fun.”

“The FA should look into it and try to find a sense of humour” added Dalglish.

Babel has until 4pm on Thursday 13 January to respond to the charge – All we have to say on the subject is that the FA should maybe lighten up a little – isn’t what Glen Johnson said about Paul Merson a little bit worse? – and Ryan Babel…What a LAD!!


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