2022 World Cup to become an Arabian affair?

Well, talk about moving the goalposts!!

Michel Platini, the Former France international captain and current President of UEFA, has revealed that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, could be co-hosted by other countries in that region.

Michel Platini - proposing a World Cup of the Gulf

In an informal chat at UEFA headquarters, Platini said: “The World Cup is Qatar’s but I think maybe it could be the World Cup of the Gulf.”

Although the decision to let Qatar host the games as an independent nation has already been made by FIFA, the Frenchman suggested that there would be no problem with making changes to the tournament.

“When we [France] held the World Cup in 1998, we made lots of changes to the original plan,” he said.

How this will sit with the football associations of Australia, USA and South Korea, all of whom were beaten in the voting to host the competition by Qatar, is unknown, but it almost certainly won’t go down well.

Editor’s Comment: Well this is all turning into a bit of a farce isn’t it?

First of all, there are still massive questions as to how FIFA came to vote for Qatar as hosts in the first place remains shrouded in uncertainty -The transparency, or lack there of, of the whole voting system is pretty appalling.

Secondly, the way things are progressing, this will not be a World Cup that the FIFA Executive Committee voted in favour of. The summer tournament, that we were expecting at the time of the vote – to take place in as yet, unbuilt air-conditioned stadiums – has been seemingly replaced by a winter competition that will cause havoc in domestic footballing schedules.

And now, it’s possible that it could take place in a country that didn’t even participate in the whole voting process.

The whole situation is farcical. And we’re still 12 years away.

Surely it can only get better – but I’m pretty certain that the number of problems that FIFA have set themselves up for by naming Qatar as hosts for 2022 will make the problems in the run up to South Africa 2010 look like a walk in the park.


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