FIFA unveils £17.5m anti-match fixing plan – don’t get too excited

FIFA have announced today a £17.5m crackdown on match fixing and illegal betting across the world in conjunction with Interpol.

Sepp Blatter - No he's not joking

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has announced that the 10-year anti-corruption programme was a response to match-fixing in Italy and the activities of Asian betting syndicates.

“The threat of match-fixing is a major one and we are committed to doing everything to tackle it,” he said.

“In the fight against illegal betting and match-fixing, the preventive measures that can be taken and the protection of the players and the integrity of the game are of the utmost importance.

“Joint work with the authorities and with Interpol is crucial for success, and for this reason we are very pleased to announce this contribution.”

Editors Comment: All well and good Sepp, all well and good – Can really tell it’s a re-election year. However, a few numbers:

$1 Billion – FIFA’s average revenue each year.

$2.9 Million – The amount going into the anti-corruption crackdown each year.

0.29% – The percentage of revenue each year being spent by FIFA on tackling corruption.

Taking it very seriously aren’t they.


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