Sepp Blatter may step down as FIFA President, handing the reigns to Michel Platini

Sepp Blatter, the President of FIFA, world football’s governing body, is planning on stepping down before completing his full four-year term in office.

Sepp Blatter is likely to hand over the Presidency to Michel Platini

Furthermore, it is believed that Blatter will hand the reigns over to the current UEFA President Michel Platini, the former France international footballer, in two years time.

A FIFA source told ESPN Soccernet that Blatter is not going to be able to keep control of FIFA for the full term, with numerous factions rallying against the Swiss, and that a deal is already being pieced together which will see Platini in place before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

“There is now widespread conjecture within the European game that Blatter won’t be able to survive for the full four-year term, which is already designated his last term, before handing over to Platini” said the source.

“The suggestion is that some sort of deal is being mooted whereby Blatter goes in two years and Platini takes over.

“With so much focus on the governance of FIFA, and so many changes being proposed, it would make sense for this change to happen and it would be widely welcomed.

“Meetings are taking place involving FIFA and UEFA in Cyprus on the 25th [of September] and much will become clear in which direction both FIFA and UEFA are going, and this could spark more debate about the futures of Blatter and Platini.

“These are the rumours that are now circulating within Europe’s corridors of power. Should Blatter step down early, there is only one creditable candidate to take his place, and that is Platini.”

Blatter’s tenure has been riddled with allegations of corruption, most notably in the most recent vote for the destinations of the 2018 & 22 World Cup’s, with the selections of Russia and, in particular, Qatar being scandalised with rumours of corruption.

For the large part, he has been demonised, but has succeeded in something he promised when he got the top job, taking football to different territories around the world, such as the first African World Cup in South Africa in 2010.


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